Cape Town open for summer film business

13 November 2020

The South African Government has eased travel regulations into the country, opening up possibilities for the film business.

This open an opportunity for filmmakers to fly into the country for work.

In order for visitors to be allowed into South Africa, they have to produce a negative COVID-19 test.

They will also have to comply with the strict protocol put in place to ensure the spread of the COVID-19 virus is contained.

Support for film industry

The Film Industry Visa Assistance Program (FIVA) is still operational and its leadership has met with Home Affairs for clarity on some details.

The FIVA program issues letters to international personnel in the film and advertising industries, to help with the visa application process.

With a FIVA letter, the visa application process is significantly quicker and requires much less paperwork.

FIVA will be issuing letters to industry travellers intending on visiting the country and also liaising with Home Affairs daily.

This to ensure the applications receive attention.

Local government support

In preparation for the peak summers season, the City of Cape Town has also frozen all location fees for filming on City property.

It is no longer charging production companies fees to set up base and holding areas.

With the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic still being felt across many sectors, the financial relief incentives is critical for an industry still recovering from the ensuring the industry can keep the cost of filming low as it recovers from the crisis.

The municipalities Film Permit Office is also waiting in the wings to process location permit applications.

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