Creative Short Format Filming Solutions in Cape Town

Short format filming projects require a high level of skill and adaptability, often within a tight budget and timeline. The vibrant television, corporate video and documentary film industry in Cape Town rises to these challenges every time, producing world-class short format series for a variety of international companies.

Why Choose Cape Town to Shoot TV Series, Documentaries and More?

It’s not just Cape Town’s beautiful scenery that makes it a great place to tell your story. The city also boasts excellent infrastructure, diverse talent and skilful professional services. Cape Town is home to numerous award-winning directors and producers, as well as some of the best crews the African continent has to offer.

Cost-Effective Short Format Filming

Thanks to South Africa’s favourable exchange rate, Cape Town provides a rare combination of quality and affordability – another reason behind the city’s extensive international appeal. If you’re looking for high production values at budget-friendly rates, Cape Town is the perfect place to shoot your next short film, TV production, documentary or commercial.

With experienced teams throughout a variety of different companies, Cape Town really is the city that can deliver on all your film and production needs.