Working Towards Sustainability in South African Film

In today’s world, every industry should be making sustainability a priority, and the creative sector is no exception. By striving for more eco-friendly film productions, South African studios aim to preserve and protect the country’s many beautiful natural shooting locations, while also conserving important resources.

Cape Town’s Water-Wise Film Industry Focus

Off the back of a severe three-year drought from 2015 to 2018, the city of Cape Town has dedicated itself to saving water and using it more responsibly. During this time, the city implemented stringent water usage restrictions for residents and visitors. Improved rainfall has finally filled up the local dams, but during the drought, Capetonians learned to be incredibly water-savvy. This is reflected in the city’s numerous creative industries.

The Film Cape Town initiative will continue to focus on keeping all productions water-wise and environmentally sustainable – while also working with residents and communities to ensure that the film industry itself has local support.

More Environmental Sustainability in the Film Industry

There are numerous eco-friendly practices that film and TV production companies have started adopting, in order to make their production process greener from start to finish. These include:

Cape Town is home to several world-class film consultancy firms, who you can work with to ensure the sustainability, cost-effectiveness and overall success of your next filming project.