World-Class Stills Production Companies in Cape Town

In recent years, South Africa has earned a reputation as one of the most popular and dynamic stills production destinations on the planet. Cape Town is a major driving force behind this creative industry, with an extensive portfolio of stills shoot locations in and around the city.

A Leading Stills Production Destination

From beaches, mountains and open roads to ultra-modern cityscapes and chic interiors, Cape Town has got it all. And it’s not just the Mother City’s impressive locations that make Cape Town such a successful stills shooting hotspot.

Local members of the South African Association of Stills Producers (SAASP) have worked hard to promote the Cape as a world-class stills production destination, and bring it the international
recognition it deserves.

A Pool of Skilled Collaborators

In Cape Town, you’ll find some of the most experienced service production companies in the world – the creative partners you need to help bring your vision to life. These companies service productions from an estimated 120 countries worldwide, and bring years of experience to every project.

Creative and Practical Advantages

Cape Town has a vast variety of production stills locations, which can be found within a very small area, making travel and logistics that much easier. It’s also worth noting that the city has a favourable exchange rate and great quality infrastructure; useful assets that will help you to keep your shoots in budget and work within tight timelines. Combined with a diverse talent pool and exceptional crew, this makes Cape Town a must-visit location for any stills production team.