As the centre of focus for many local creative industries, Cape Town is also fast becoming recognised as Africa’s game development hub with more than half (57%) of South Africa’s game development studios being based in the Mother City.

A Wealth of Talented Game Design Professionals

Cape Town is home to a variety of independent South African gaming companies, with popular titles like Boet Fighter, Semblance and Desktop Dungeons putting the country on the map in recent years. You’ll also find a variety of world-class services in Cape Town to assist in every aspect of the game development process, including:

  • Recording studios
  • Post production services
  • Storyboarders and scriptwriters
  • Concept artists
  • Coders and programmers
  • 2D and 3D animation studios
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality studios

South Africa has a strong local games community, made up of creative professionals and passionate hobbyists alike. The city boasts a rich variety of creative talent, with specialists in digital design, film, animation and gaming.

Collaborate with Top South African Gaming Studios and Crews

Thanks to the lower costs of living and favourable exchange rate, international game developers find South Africa a very affordable location, as well as one with plenty of professional and technical prowess to offer.

Cape Town’s gaming development companies comprise small indie studios and large services companies working for the AAA industry. Their portfolios include entertainment-focused games and animations, as well as serious games for corporates looking to drive learning and business outcomes.

Whether you’re looking to develop a game for PC, consoles, mobile devices or social media platforms, you’ll be able to collaborate with skilled design and development professionals in Cape Town. Work with creative individuals every step of the way, to bring your final vision to life.

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