There’s a reason South Africa is known as the rainbow nation. The country boasts 11 official languages and all the cultural and ethnic diversity that goes with it. Cape Town is a place called ‘home’ by citizens from across the country. Add in a healthy dose of foreign residents and tourists and you get a plethora of exciting languages, foods, music, and more.

Cultural magic in Cape Town

It goes without saying that a city as diverse as Cape Town has various events to showcase the multitude of talent on offer. The Cape Town Minstrel Carnival, or Kaapse Klopse, celebrates the uniquely South African heritage of mixed race, colloquially known as “coloured” people. The city also hosts one of the largest jazz festivals in the world.

Cape Town Pride is a colourful, annual festival by the LGBTQI community featuring a street parade, pageants and poetry readings. Meanwhile, the Langa Cultural Precinct is a bubbling hub of local art, culture, and design which includes the Gugu S’Thebe Theatre.

Film Cape Town’s commitment to transformation

Film Cape Town recognises the unique opportunities resulting from Cape Town’s rich diversity. We are also sensitive to the disadvantages, division, and hurt still experienced by so many residents who were affected by the country’s painful Apartheid past.

We are working in our own way to right some of the wrongs of the past to create a fully transformed industry that harnesses the varied and unique talents on offer in our city. Creating jobs and opportunities for as many of the city’s residents is our priority.

On top of that, groups like the SA Film Academy are working hard to create a diverse, representative, and globally competitive local and international Cape Town film industry. The city’s diverse and varied mix of cultures are a casting agent’s dream, making it easy to portray a wide range of races and demographics. Take your pick from one of the many Cape Town modelling or casting agencies and work alongside one of the city’s many talented creative professionals.

Coupled with Cape Town’s world-class infrastructure and technology and many, varied shoot locations, this city is a film maker’s dream come true.