Animation is a unique form of storytelling, with a world of creative possibilities to explore. Down at the southernmost tip of Africa, the beautiful city of Cape Town has become a thriving animation hub that’s drawing international attention and recognition.

Cape Town Dominates the Animation Industry in South Africa

Cape Town is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of Africa’s biggest digitech and new media hubs. The city is already internationally renowned as one of the world’s most desirable shoot locations, for film, TV and commercial production. But Cape Town is also home to a large percentage of South Africa’s animation and design studios, as well as more than half the country’s gaming studios.

The animation studios based in Cape Town are the largest animation producers on the African continent today. These studios attract top talent; in recent years, local animators have produced work for Netflix and Amazon, earning nominations for prestigious international awards from the Oscars to Daytime Emmys.

The city also hosts The Cape Town International Animation Festival (CTIAF), the largest dedicated African Animation Festival on the continent.

2D and 3D Animation in Cape Town

More and more International clients are turning to Cape Town animation studios thanks to the hard work and exceptional quality of our local animators.

Cape Town animators come from a diverse variety of backgrounds, each bringing a fresh and original perspective to their creative work. Combined with a passion for constant innovation and learning, this makes for a world-class skillset.

Film Cape Town is a joint initiative between the City of Cape Town and the Cape Town film industry, focused on making the most of the city’s amazing resources and talent. View our animation service provider directory, to find out more about some of the best studios Cape Town has to offer.