Diverse Talent

Find Diverse Film Talent in Cape Town

From leading roles to background extras, Cape Town is the perfect place to find film talent. South Africa is home to people from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds, and this is reflected in the local film industry. Filmmakers with a focus on inclusive casting will find no lack of diverse talent in the Mother City.

Top Cape Town Modeling and Casting Agencies

Casting agencies in Cape Town offer a wealth of professional talent to choose from, whether you’re looking for character actors to bring a script to life, or models for cutting-edge commercials and lifestyle shoots. 

We also collaborate with local film casting agencies specialising in talent with specific skills, for shoots that involve on-screen sports, cookery, dancing, swimming, horseriding and more.

Work with Cape Town’s Talented Creative Professionals

Cape Town is an excellent location to find background extras and stand-ins, especially when you’re looking to cast a diverse variety of people. South Africa is also the home of numerous leading men and ladies who have made their mark on Hollywood – a Cape Town talent agency may be just the place to find the next rising star destined for the international spotlight. 

By partnering with casting agencies around Cape Town, we’re able to make a wide pool of professional talent available to local and international production companies. Find skilled actors and models of all ages, who are comfortable in front of the camera and ready to bring that special ‘X factor’ to any shoot.  

Cape Town also offers world-class infrastructure and highly professional film crew, which makes filming in the city a pleasure. The favourable South African exchange rate also means you get higher production values at lower costs. Complete your creative vision with top talent from the best Cape Town casting agencies in the industry.

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