City of Cape Town Film Strategy

29 June 2021

The City of Cape Town’s new Film Strategy is now public after being approved by the Council.

The Film Office has spent two years working on the strategy which will guide how it works with the film industry can build a thriving, inclusive, diversified and resilient film industry.

As new Film Strategy, the municipality will expand the Film Office to include a promotional and stakeholder engagement unit.

The unit will be responsible for promoting Cape Town as a premier film and media destination to local, national and international clients while also working with other City service departments to cut red tape and support the local film industry with funding and incentives.

It will also work with industry stakeholders to identify marketing opportunities and roll out promotional campaigns.

Additionally, the office would nurture home-grown talent, advance the development of local content and cultivate new and extend co-production treaties and partnerships.

The City has already brought in additional resources in the permitting office to assist in the permitting process, monitoring and leasing with other city departments on your behalf.

The next still – currently in process – is staffing the new promotional unit.

The strategy is built on four pillars including:

  • Championing ongoing skills development
  • Driving marketing and sales
  • Promoting transformation within the industry
  • Facilitating the development of infrastructure