Corporate Building Filming Locations

The famous ‘city of gold’ Johannesburg may hold the title as South Africa’s corporate capital, but Cape Town is hot on its heels as a thriving business hub to watch. The corporate buildings in the city are home to local start-ups and world-renowned international brands alike; these buildings are also popular filming locations for directors and producers from all across the globe.

Cape Town is known for its unique blend of creativity and innovation, which is reflected in the economic space. Business is booming in the picturesque office buildings that sculpt the city’s iconic skyline. 

With a selection of South Africa’s biggest corporates calling the city home, you’re sure to find the perfect location and backdrop to make your creative vision a reality.

Corporate Film Locations to Rent

Cape Town’s film location portfolio already includes more than 5 000 locations in public spaces, as well as hundreds of privately-owned sites available for shooting. These attractive venues include corporate buildings and private villas, as well as restaurants, cafes and hotels.

Speaking of business, Cape Town’s film and media industry boasts an excellent professional reputation, providing a high standard of service that has caught the attention of many international production companies. 

Digital technology and new media are also fast-growing sectors in Cape Town, making it an ideal location for animation, design and post-production services as well. 

Browse our directory of top film industry service providers to find out what Cape Town has to offer you as a filming destination.