High-Tech Modern Film Locations

High tech buildings make excellent settings for film, commercials and stills. Cape Town boasts a wide array of modern buildings available to rent as film locations; these buildings feature ground-breaking architecture that pushes the boundaries and gives the city its unique character.

The Cape Town cityscape is characterised by multiple cutting-edge high-rise buildings, which sit comfortably side-by-side with historical architecture in Cape Dutch, Cape Rococo and Neoclassical styles. 

The architecture of the city is continuously evolving and there are numerous new developments in the pipeline, such as the Zero-2-One Tower and Cullinan Square skyscraper.

Shoot Your Production in a Modern Cape Town Villa

Along the Atlantic seaboard, Cape Town’s idyllic tourist hotspots like Camps Bay and Sea Point are home to a selection of gorgeous ultra-modern luxury villas. 

These multi-million-dollar villas feature sleek interiors with smart home technology, as well as panoramic views of the ocean and mountains. A location like this is sure to provide a captivating backdrop for your production.

Cape Town enjoys long daylight hours in the summer months, which makes it easier for film crews to take advantage of the local views and vistas. The city is also known for its strong infrastructure and efficient public transport, allowing for quick and efficient travel from one location to the next.

Get in touch with Cape Town’s top location scouts to source the city’s most popular high-tech locations for your next shoot.