Film locations quarries

Cape Town has many great quarries for you to choose from and transform into the film set you desire. Use a location scout to help you choose the one that matches your creative needs.  

The Murray and Stewart Quarry, also known as the Vredehoek Quarry, is in Vredehoek at the foot of Devil’s Peak. Enter the quarry by walking through an approximately 20-metre-long tunnel which sports low, rusty beams and graffitied walls. At the tunnel’s exit you will see the quarry with its steep walls and a pool of water at the base.

Not far from this quarry is the Glencoe or Higgovale Quarry in Gardens. Rock climbers can often be found scaling the sheer walls of this quarry, which was previously used as a shooting range. This scenic spot, with massive boulders and trees in its centre, is one of Cape Town’s great film shoot locations. Both the Murray and Stewart and Glencoe Quarries fall within the Table Mountain National Park. Be sure to secure a film permit before shooting here or at other locations. 

The Strand Street Quarry near the colourful Bo-Kaap neighbourhood is reportedly the oldest known quarry in the country. Residents sometimes play football and other sports at the bottom of the quarry. 

A short boat ride away is the limestone quarry on the world-famous Robben Island. South Africa’s former president, Nelson Mandela, and other political prisoners were forced to break rocks at this striking, white-stoned quarry during their imprisonment on the island. Robben Island is a world heritage site and permission and permits must be secured before shooting there.