Religious Filming Locations

There are numerous religious buildings and sacred sites found throughout Cape Town, each with its own heritage and significance. 

If you’re looking for a truly breath-taking filming location to bring your vision to life, one of Cape Town’s religious buildings could have exactly the right atmosphere and aesthetic you need.  

Churches, Synagogues, Mosques & Cathedrals in Cape Town

South Africa’s diverse population means there is a wide variety of religious practices throughout the country, and this is reflected in the local religious architecture. Cape Town in particular is the site of some deeply revered religious landmarks. 

Among the most notable of these is St George’s Anglican Cathedral, the oldest cathedral in southern Africa. St George’s is recognised as a strong anti-apartheid symbol in South Africa and has been declared a provincial heritage site.

Auwal Mosque in the Bo-Kaap district is South Africa’s first mosque, dating back to 1798. The nearby Gardens Shul, a place of worship for South Africa’s first Jewish congregation, was founded in 1841. These and many more religious buildings can be found throughout the city.

How to Get Religious Locations for Film

Architectural features like pillars, domes, arches and stained-glass windows make our local religious buildings unique and beautiful places to shoot scenes and stills. 

Of course, some of these sites may have special restrictions and requirements for filming. Find out more about how to apply for a film permit in Cape Town, and get in touch with the right people to help get you and your crew into just the right location.