Restaurant Filming Locations

Cape Town tourists will find cuisine to satisfy any craving, and the appeal of the local restaurants doesn’t only extend to diners. Film crews looking for visually engaging, film-friendly venues will be spoiled for choice, with a smorgasbord of restaurant locations available.

The landscapes of Cape Town can be used to replicate locations just about anywhere in the world, and the same can be said for our buildings. Whether you want to capture the look of an intimate Parisian bistro or a glitzy rooftop bar overlooking Hollywood Hills, the right Cape Town location can make it happen.

Find Popular Restaurant Filming Locations

Restaurants in Cape Town range from vibrant modern street cafes to long-established family-run eateries. Throughout the city, you’ll find an assortment of award-winning restaurants in historic local buildings, as well as chic bars in luxury waterfront hotels. Further afield in the Winelands, the Cape’s vineyards and olive farms are home to some truly picturesque restaurants, cellars and tasting rooms.

Cape Town is a popular location for international shoots, and the city’s architecture has been prominently featured in film, television and commercials. What’s more, the city has world-class infrastructure and an excellent talent pool, making it a haven for filmmakers from around the globe.

Whatever type of ambience you’re looking for, you’ll find a Cape Town restaurant that serves up just what you ordered. Film Cape Town has a network of skilled location and venue scouts, who are dedicated to helping you find the ideal spot for your next production.