Cape Town’s beauty is no secret, and its rivers are no exception, making for excellent film shoot locations. While some of these rivers are located in Cape Town itself, others are a short drive away. Use a location scout to help you find the river most suitable for your shoot. 

The Silvermine River runs through the Silvermine Nature Reserve and forms part of a wetland. In this conservation area for indigenous fynbos vegetation, film crews may spot the endangered western leopard toad, an otter having a swim, and many bird species. A reservoir and waterfall also form part of this river system. Other rivers in Cape Town include Little River, Big Lotus River, Diep River, Eerste River, Kuils River and Salt River. 

A mere hour away from Cape Town, in Stellenbosch, is the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve. The river that runs through the reserve boasts clear water and an imposing mountain backdrop. Also a short drive from Cape Town is the picturesque Berg River, in the beautiful winelands town of Franschhoek. 

For crews looking for exceptionally beautiful river filming locations in Cape Town, the Krom River in Paarl is a must. Situated in the Limietberg Nature Reserve, film crews who are willing to hike will be thrilled by the natural beauty, waterfalls, and deep translucent rock pools along the river. The stunning Witte and Wolwekloof Rivers are in the same reserve. 

In Stanford, a walking trail meanders along the Klein River, which passes through lush meadows while the Palmiet River near Kleinmond is frequented by hikers and swimmers. 

Some of these rivers require hiking, so check with your local service provider beforehand to ensure you’ll be able to reach them with your gear. Many of the rivers are in protected areas and crews will require a permit to film.