The number o‌ne water saving city in the world

5 November 2018

The City of Cape Town very nearly became the first major city to run out of water a year ago. It’s been tough o‌n all of us. But thanks to the tremendous efforts of the City through pressure management, leak repairs and many other effective interventions, we got through it. Of course it could never have been done without the massive effort of so many of our residents who lived a 50 litre a day life – carrying buckets of shower water to their toilets for flushing, reusing water and often sacrificing aspects of their lives they never would have imagined before. Our relationship with water is forever changed. As a collective we are more aware than ever before of how precious and finite our water supply is. Now, we’d like you to think of us as the first major city that despite coming so close to running out of water, embarked o‌n a major and successful effort to save ourselves. We’d like to show the world how we became the number o‌ne water saving city in the world. At the beginning of October 2018, water restrictions and tariffs were lowered from Level 6b and Level 6 respectively to Level 5 due to the encouraging dam recovery and the conservation efforts by Capetonians. Come and film in our magnificent city – and learn to save like a local.