FAME Week Africa 2022

19 May 2022

In partnership with the Host City of Cape Town, RX Africa brings you FAME Week Africa 2022, an event set to become the continent’s unrivalled cornerstone of business development for the film and television, animation, arts, music, media and entertainment industries.

Connecting industry professionals and creatives, FAME Week Africa 2022 will turn every moment into an opportunity, transforming three days of exchange and networking, meetings, screenings and conferences, into lasting business.

Here’s a look back at the 2021 event:

FAME Week Africa – a safari of events where the creative industries come to life!

FILM – From movies to documentaries, series and reality television, this pillar explores all industries involved in creating the end product. Think, film destinations, equipment crew and talent and content.

ART – This pillar is dedicated to performers and artists enabling them to showcase their craft and content whether it be performance, dance, literature, photography, painting, drawing, animation.

MEDIA – One of the fastest changing landscapes, media has been transformed. This pillar highlights the various media platforms being used, showcasing the latest social media channels and streaming platforms, innovations by creative strategists, digital media influencers.

ENTERTAINMENT – Bringing people together through virtual, live events; cinema drive-ins, music concerts, comedy shows, theatre productions, red-carpet events.

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