City Hall renovations to enhance facility’s reputation as film location

12 May 2021

City Hall, one of Cape Town’s iconic landmarks and premier film location, has just completed refurbishments to the facility.

The facility’s management believe the alterations to City’s Hall’s interior will enhance the film industry’s ability to create their productions.

The ground floor, conference facility, the first, second (Event Space) and third floors were also revamped. The Mayor’s parlour also received a facelift.

Air-conditioning and two new evacuation staircases have been installed to ensure the facility is in line with compliance standards.

“We have recently upgraded the facility extensively, which will make it a very attractive venue,” said Shameel Ho-Kim, the City of Cape Town’s Programme Manager for Strategic Assets.

“With all these improvements, more options are created to design sets, with stricter regulations to ensure that the facility is not harmed in any way to ensure its preserved for future shoots.”

‘Versatile location’

Cape Town City Hall is one of our oldest and most central public spaces in the city. Its location in the CBD allows for better access to other sites within the metropolitan.

With Its Victorian-style architecture, the building has become particularly sought after for period films.

The honey-coloured oolitic limestone imported from Bath in England.

“This is a venue (within the City of Cape Town) that cannot easily be replicated, for example the Grand Hall. The venue is natural feel of exuberance and quality. You can create any set in this space. There is loads of potential and versatility,” added Ho-Kim.

City Hall’s flexibility has been on display in some local and international productions over years.

It has doubled a courtroom in Netflix’s Blood & Water and Noem my Skollie, an administration building in some productions while also serving as a setting for the real-life events of Long Walk to Freedom.

City Hall has also featured in these productions:

Future plans

While the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the number of bookings, City Hall continued hosting a number of international productions during the lockdown period.

The renovation of the historic building and the restoration of some of its asset is a part of the management’s broader plans.

The facility’s management also intends engaging the film industry about future opportunities for productions at City Hall.