GREENSET leading charge for sustainability on film and television sets

12 July 2021

Employing ECO Stewards and Green PAs on film sets and using the GREENSET carbon calculator could significantly reduce the Cape Town Film industry’s carbon footprint.

This is the view of GREENSET – a non-profit film industry initiative with a focus on the sector’s environmental sustainability.

GREENSET was established under the auspices of the SA FILM Academy, with the intention of mitigating the film industry’s contribution to climate change.

“Our aim is for the whole industry to go sustainable,” said GREENSET Operations Manager Cindy Mkhwanazi during a zoom call with Film Cape Town.

“This calls for a bold, new strategic and operational approach to a triple bottom line in our businesses, taking into consideration: People, Profits and the Planet.”

It was on the set of Ridley Scott’s Raised by Wolves (Season 1) that the course for the film industry’s sustainability initiatives took shape.

“Raised by Wolves really set the bar when it comes to sustainability. I started my sustainability journey as an Eco Steward on season 1, under the guidance of consultants Wrap Zero,” said Mkhwanazi.

“Production eliminated the use of more than 190 000 single-use plastic bottles with the introduction of Bluewater Trailers, tons of organic waste was donated to food gardens as compost instead of going to landfill sites and 97 tons of wood was donated.”

The GREENSET team at work


GREENSET believes – in order to manage your Carbon Footprint you must be able to measure it.

Commissioned by GREENSET, Credible Carbon , has developed a bespoke Carbon Calculator with 46 key film industry-specific environmental indicators to measure the carbon footprint on productions filming in South Africa.

The carbon calculator works out – in real time – how much CO2 is generated by the various activities on set – including catering, construction, lighting, transport, among others – and will enable companies to review their carbon output for each production and reduce emissions.


Eco Stewards are graduates from the field of environmental and sustainability studies.

They are trained, and supported by GREENSET to work on productions to roll out sustainable best practices and to manage and measure the carbon output.

Green PA’s work on set to minimise, sort and recycle production waste.

Mkhwanazi said the Eco Stewards are being empowered to be problem solvers, constantly communicating the message of sustainability on set while also finding innovative, practical sustainable solutions.

“Our main focus is entrepreneurial skills development & In-service training – employment creation & career path development, creating a new green job opportunity in the film industry,” said GREENSET Manager, Belinda Johnson.

“Despite COVID-19, GREENSET has gone from strength to strength, building a robust team of Eco Stewards and Green PA’s ready to be placed on the next film, TV Series or Commercial.

Film Afrika and Advantage Entertainment now place GREENSET Eco Stewards on all their productions.


Eco Steward Kgomotso Mashigo has secured two Environmental Media Association (EMA) Gold Seals for Afterlife of the Party, and Eraser 2 respectively.

Aicha Bangoura of the EMA has been impressed with GREENSET’s work.

“As always receiving your applications are always delightful as they are so thorough !!! and quite frankly as I am reading them I am also learning a lot from them and I can use your applications as case studies when new productions are just starting to fill out their Green seal applications”.

Mkhwanazi said globally the film industry was radically rethinking production protocols and going green.

The GREENSET team aims to roll out sustainable practices and Eco-Stewards on all Film productions & at Events and Conferences in South Africa.

GREENSET is looking to work with industry leaders who are passionate about creating a sustainable planet and want to make a tangible, positive impact on the world”, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with GREENSET